Resurge Failsafe Electric Valve Actuator Emergency Power System

1620APS Series Failsafe

Multiple Valve Actuator Emergency Backup

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1620APS based on the 1620ESv2 Electronic Controller board.
Resurge Failsafe offers the most reliable failsafe in the industry, powerful, small size and yet the most economical system on the market. These powerful and compact Failsafes were designed to run valve actuators with Start-Up currents of up to 100 amps. Our Failsafes are offered in all types of NEMA enclosures, Standard working voltages are 120 Vac single phase 60Hz. or 240VAC single phase 50Hz. **Longer times of emergency power may require the use of extra or larger batteries.
1620APS Electronic Failsafe Timed or Instant Power Transfer Selection From Normal Power to UPS or from UPS back to Normal Power.   UPS Shut Down LED Indicator lights up after the actuator has reached the “Failsafe position”.     Controller Power Indicator LED provides visual confirmation that normal power is present.    Remote Test Switch terminal block, connect a PLC, TIMER or a SWITCH (customer provided) to test the failsafe and cycle the batteries whenever needed.   Actuator Power Status LED indicates whether the motor is receiving UPS or Normal Power.
UPS POWER RESET Allows you to connect a momentary switch to reset the emergency power after a cycle has finished. (Optional From Resurge Failsafe).   Heater / Fan Terminal block ready to accept the installation of a FAN or HEATER (optional from Resurge Failsafe)   Heavy Duty Transformer Inverter That easily starts motors with very high start-up currents.   Totally Automatic Switch-Mode Battery Charger with automatic Cut-off and then true float to extend battery life   Maintenance Free Operation Battery There is no need to check specific gravity of the electrolyte or add water.
Based on the 1620ESv2 controller, Resurge Failsafe is able to operate several clustered electric actuators from a single Failsafe unit. This is not only a space saving solution, but the most economical way of controlling more than one electric actuators. (Valve actuators must be in close proximity in order to be able to control them with a single Failsafe)